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Nicos Synnos is a filmmaker and animator from Cyprus. . He has worked for several years in film, and television animation ptoductions in New York, London and Cyprus. He is a researcher in animation and teaches animation at the Cyprus University of Technology.

He holds a Master's in Visual Communication with concentration on Cartoon Imagery and Animation from BIAD, Birmingham City University (former UCE) and BA (Hons) in Visual Communication-Graphic Design from the University of Wolverhampton and California State University in Long Beach.

He worked in the film, television and internet industries in New York, London and Cyprus.

He formed "toonachunks" an experimental film and animation studio .


As an animator/filmmaker he participated in several film festivals in Europe, U.S.A. and Canada.

Between 2001 and 2009 he taught graphic & advertising design subjects, photography and animation at Frederick Institute of Technology.

He is a special teaching personnel at the Multimedia and Graphic Arts Department of the Cyprus University of Technology.

His research interest focuses in animation experimental filmmaking.

He is a member of the organizing body of two international film festivals in Cyprus (Nicosia Documentary Festival and Animafest Cyprus–Views of the World Animation Festival  and one international forum (Cyprus Animation Forum).

He is a PhD Candidate at CUT and his research interests focus on animation, graphic communication, experimental filmmaking, and the creative process and results from the use of hand made, camera-less and digital animation techniques, along with alternative projection technologies (holographic and stereoscopic).

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